Issue No. 1 October 2006

Dedicated to publish distinctive research papers and articles the fields of writings and scripts, the Abgadiyat journal is not restricted to specific geographical locations, historical eras, or sets of writings, calligraphies, and inscriptions. However, the editors of journal aspire to select a variety of outstanding scientific research papers that are peer-reviewed by prominent scientists and specialists in numerous of fields. The first issue, thus, overflows with abundant research papers presenting the following topics: ancient Arabic scripts and writings, such as the South Arabian alphabet; the economic aspects of the demotic papyri; the hieroglyphic inscriptions; and the Ancient Egyptian language in the Ptolemaic period.

In light of the BA role to become a place of dialogue, learning and understanding between cultures and peoples, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina has sought—through issuing The Abgadiyat journal—to create an arena for diverse perspectives in the controversial field of writing and scripts, which is regarded as the foundation of all cultures and civilizations.

The Abstracts:

(The Arabic Papers have a separate pagination from the English ones).


Pages: 7 - 7

Analytical Study of a New Minaean Inscription

Amida Shaalan
Pages: 14 - 21
Language: Arabic

Cryptography in Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Nagwa Mohamed Metwali
Pages: 30 - 33
Language: Arabic

Lintel of Seti I in the Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria

El Sayied Mohamed Mahfouz
Pages: 34 - 45
Language: Arabic

Male and Female Slaves in Arabian Peninsula texts before Islam

Fathi El-Haddad
Pages: 46 - 65
Language: Arabic

Tombstone of Salah El Din Bin Salah Bin Hassan: Study and Verification

Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Motawe’a
Pages: 150 - 165
Language: Arabic

Inscriptions of Generalife

Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Gamal
Pages: 166 - 183
Language: Arabic

Towards a canon of Egyptian calligraphy by reference to calligraphy in East Asia

Thomas Hare
Pages: 11 - 22
Language: English

Egyptian Hieratic writing in the Levant in the 1st millennium BCE

Stefan Jacob wimmer
Pages: 23 - 28
Language: English

A note on the Old kingsom wD-nsw heading

Marcella Trapani
Pages: 29 - 34
Language: English

On the verge of Ptolemaic Egyptian graphical trends in the 30th dynasty

Åke Engesheden
Pages: 35 - 41
Language: English