Issue No. 11 December 2016

We are honored that Bibliotheca Alexandrina, actually publishing this commemorative book for Professor Abdel Moneim Abdel Halim Sayed, requested us to edit it. Prof. Sayed who dedicated his professional and academic career in studying and in researching in the domain of ‘the Red Sea in Ancient times’ was the leader of these studies. His career was crowned by his famous discovery of the Twelfth Dynasty port on the Red Sea shore, Wadi Gawasis. Prof. Sayed can be ranked among the greatest Egyptian Egyptologists as Ahmed Kamal, Selim Hassan, Ahmed Fakhry, Labib Habachi and Abdel Moneim Abu Bakr.

The Abstracts:



Pages: 6 - 6
Language: English

Ayn Sukhna and the Red Sea: A Preliminary Report on the Excavations of the Site 2001–2006

Mahmoud Abd El-Raziq, Georges Castel, Pierre Tallet
Pages: 19 - 21
Language: English

Men on the Red Sea under Senusret I

Dominique Farout
Pages: 22 - 36
Language: English

Marsa Gawasis (Wadi Gawasis) and the Egyptian Seafaring Expeditions to Punt

Rodolfo Fattovich, Kathryne Bard
Pages: 37 - 43
Language: English

Wadi Hammamat on the Road to Punt

Annie Gasse
Pages: 44 - 50
Language: English

Two Old South Arabian Inscriptions: Early and Late

K.A. Kitchen
Pages: 57 - 59
Language: English

La liste dite « des régions minières » du temple de Louxor

Magali Legrand
Pages: 60 - 85
Language: French

Hirkhouf et la localisation de Iam

Claude Obsomer
Pages: 127 - 134
Language: French

The Production Area at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis: Evidence for Multiple Craft Activities

Cinzia Perlingieri, S. Terry Childs
Pages: 135 - 147
Language: English

On the Meaning of the Egyptian Term Wedj wer

Claude Vandersleyen
Pages: 148 - 149
Language: English

Seafaring in Ancient Egypt

Cheryl Ward
Pages: 150 - 159
Language: English

Ancient Egyptian Anchors: New Results from Wadi Gawasis

Chiara Zazzaro, Mohamed M. Abdelmaguid
Pages: 160 - 167
Language: English