Issue No. 13 December 2018

This issue of Abgadiyat carries the spirit of diversity, the value of difference and the culture of assimilation as it encapsulates various distinct articles coving several topics in the researchers’ different fields of study and in a variety of languages. It includes analytical studies published for the first time about the Nabatean inscriptions, photographed by the Center in Wadi Muktab in south Sinai as part of the project “The Journey of Writing in Egypt”, the inscriptions found in the Saudi region of Ha’il, or those which appear on the tombstones in Samarkand. Some of the articles in this issue study inscriptions and writings on architectural elements such as those documenting the architectural and military achievements of Sultan Qaitbay on Yaqub Shah Al-Mehmendar Cistern in Cairo. Another article focuses on the study of Islamic marble structures in the governorate of Monufia to demonstrate the extent of the effect of the religious dimension on decorative formation. Moreover, an article came with an intensive study of some writings that have reached us from the ancient Iraqi civilization through examining a set of ancient Assyrian letters; while some of them demonstrate the king’s wise rule of the country and how he has tackled the problems encountered, others show the use of Sumerian proverbs as school texts studied at various educational levels. Finally, this issue includes an article that sheds light on some aspects of the Christian religious life through the study of the Coptic inscription on a mural featuring John Chrysostom. Such variety proves that Abgadiyat is an international journal encompassing all the alphabets and writings throughout human history.  

The Abstracts:


Pages: 6 - 6

Proverbs in Neo-Assyrian Letters and its Extended

Ali Yasin Elgabory
Pages: 29 - 41
Language: Arabic

Critical Reviews: The Sinaitic Writing, Concept and Significance

Mohammad Sherif
Pages: 178 - 189
Language: Arabic

Private Scarabs from Gebel el-Silsila found during Excavations in the New Kingdom Necropolis

Maria Nilsson, John Ward, Ahmed Faraman
Pages: 18 - 31
Language: English

The Tomb of Osiris and Skyscapes of Death in the Book of the Two Ways

Eltayeb Abbas
Pages: 32 - 45
Language: English

Evolution of the Ḥāʾil Thamudic Inscriptions

Solaiman al-Theeb
Pages: 46 - 51
Language: English

Jean Chrysostome dans la liturgie Copte

Youhanna Nessim Youssef
Pages: 52 - 69
Language: French

Book Review: Psammetichus II. Reign, Documents and Officials

Azza Ezzat
Pages: 74 - 75
Language: English