Issue No. 15 December 2020

The 15th issue of Abgadiyat (2020), an annual refereed journal issued by the Writing and Scripts Center, affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) Academic Research Sector in collaboration with Brill Publishers of the Netherlands, represents the persistency and keenness of the Writing and Scripts Center—whatever the circumstances may be—to gain the trust of the researchers interested in its refereed issues, specialized in the field of scripts and inscriptions studies. The year 2020 has been exceptional on several levels; the whole world had been exposed to an extraordinary epidemic disaster, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), which had a great impact on work processes worldwide: a matter that required greater efforts to maintain the issuing of Abgadiyat on time.

The 15th issue of Abgadiyat covers a variety of topics and comes in a number of languages, with rich content that carries the message of the BA as a distinguished center in producing and disseminating knowledge. The 15th issue contains a collection of scientific researches approved after strenuous efforts through a scientific review process. The researches came in a variety of foreign languages in order to address the academic community in Egypt and abroad.

The Abstracts:


A (Coffin) Text Puzzle

Alessandro Roccati
Pages: 13 - 21
Language: English

Commentaries and Discursive Texts in Ancient Egypt

Alexandra von Lieven
Pages: 22 - 42
Language: English

Experiences and Challenges in Deciphering the Book of the Dead papyrus Havana

Ivan Rodríguez López
Pages: 56 - 64
Language: English

Graffiti de voyageurs dans la pyramide « Rouge » 

Franck Monnier
Pages: 65 - 68
Language: French

Abydian Stelae Bearing Foreign Names

Noha A. Khaled
Pages: 69 - 86
Language: English

Two Demotic Ostraca of Unknown Provenances

Maha Akeel
Pages: 87 - 93
Language: English

Zacharias the Priest between Liturgical Texts and Images

Youhanna Nessim Youssef
Pages: 94 - 105
Language: English

The Coptic Testament of Tsible, daughter of Gapatios, P. KRU 69

Muhammady Fathy Muhammed
Pages: 106 - 120
Language: English