Issue No. 16 December 2021

The 16th issue of Abgadiyat introduces the legacy of Prof. Ramadan Abdu el-Sayed as the new discipline was continued after his passing away in December 2017. He was an internationally recognized Egyptologist, historian, archeologist and outstanding linguist. From the beginning of his professional life, he was affiliated to the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, then he became a professor of Egyptology at el-Minia University as he obtained his PhD from the Sorbonne. His research interest focused on the late Period of ancient Egypt as well as the Ptolemaic period. He lived with a passion for his intellectual pursuits and was considered a competent specialist in the history of Egyptian Delta during the Ptolemaic Period. He devoted most of his academic career to study and publish ancient Egyptian inscriptions and texts from such periods. He could establish a scholarly discipline, which attracted many competent students from Egypt and other countries. His fuller knowledge and understanding of ancient Egypt late period and its history inspired the Egyptology field for many years. The originality of his publications and its innovative approach brought him to be a jewel in the crown of Egyptology field.

Thus, a number of highly eminent and distinguished professors -his students- were keen to pay tribute to him, since they welcomed to participate in this special issue. Indeed, it is not that common at this stage of our careers to have professors who shape our intellect, interest, and life in general. Finally, we would like to thank the scholars who accepted the invitation and sent their papers to pay tribute for the late Prof. Ramadan el-Sayed. 


The Abstracts:

Ramadan El-Sayed de la Sorbonne à l’Université de Minia

El-Sayed Mahfouz et Ahmed Mansour
Pages: 13 - 19
Language: French

Unpublished Coptic Writing Exercises from Thebes

Rowida Abo Bakr
Pages: 20 - 28
Language: English

Les stèles Louvre IM 3011 et 4192

Didier Devauchelle
Pages: 29 - 33
Language: French

Perdu et retrouvé : le relief d’Horemheb Berlin ÄM 14125

Benoît Lurson
Pages: 34 - 51
Language: French

L’expédition d’Hatchepsout au pays de Pount

El-Sayed Mahfouz - Asmaa Ragab
Pages: 52 - 64
Language: French

Dendara as a Counterpart of Heliopolis in Ptolemaic Texts

Mohamed Ragab Sayed
Pages: 72 - 88
Language: English

Retour à Saïs : à propos de quelques mots relatifs au tissage

Frédéric Servajean
Pages: 89 - 110
Language: French