Issue No. 3 October 2008

The third issue of Abgadiyat includes a huge diversity of researches as far as place and time space are concerned, manifesting the Abgadiyat policy. It also covers various fields of studying, documenting and analyzing calligraphy, writing and inscriptions throughout the world in different eras, including an extensive range of researches related to Ancient Egypt, the Mesopotamia, Andalusia, Ancient Yemen, or Lebanon (Byblos), or the Persian Gulf (Dilmun Civilization).
To this end, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina has successfully attained its foremost objectives, namely, inspiring young researchers and scholars all over the world to conduct researches and studies in the fields of inscriptions, writings, and scripts throughout ages.

The Abstracts:

(The Arabic Papers have a separate pagination from the English ones).


Pages: 7 - 7

The Names of Royal Guards in the Egyptian Texts

Mohamed Raafat Abbass
Pages: 14 - 21
Language: Arabic

Marriage in Mesopotamia in light of Cuneiform texts

Dalia EL Ansary
Pages: 32 - 45
Language: Arabic

Musnad, and Zabûr Texts in Ancient Yemen

Ibrahim El Salawey
Pages: 62 - 81
Language: Arabic

Some Inscribed Plaques from Abusir

Randa Baligh
Pages: 11 - 20
Language: English

A New List of the High-Priests of Ptah at Memphis

Basem Samir Al-Sharkawy
Pages: 21 - 47
Language: English

αγιος = agios = حاج and other Egyptian Words

Adel Farid Tobia
Pages: 56 - 69
Language: English