Issue No. 5 October 2010

In compliance with the objectives of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) to become the world’s window on Egypt and Egypt’s window on the world, the studies presented at the Conference were characterized by these two objectives.
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina thought it best that the Abgadiyat journal, which is an internationally renowned academic journal, encompass the studies of this conference, as a continuation to Abgadiyat journal’s mission in publishing scientific-refereed studies, where scientific solemnity is the only publishing standard.

The Abstracts:

(The Arabic Papers have a separate pagination from the English ones).


Pages: 6 - 6

The Byzantine Currency

Mahmoud Omran
Pages: 36 - 54
Language: Arabic

The Bronze Coins from Al-Bediyeh Site during the Byzantine Period

Zaydon El Mohysen- Saaeda Affana- Mohamed Nasar
Pages: 55 - 67
Language: Arabic

Astronomical Symbols on Roman Coins

Fatehia El Sallamy
Pages: 68 - 76
Language: Arabic

Phoenician, Greek and Roman Coins of Tripoli, Lebanon

Khaled Tadmori
Pages: 77 - 95
Language: Arabic

Austrian Althaler Circulation in the East

Khaled Mohamed Azab
Pages: 173 - 181
Language: Arabic

Illustrated drawings on Safavid Copper Fulus Collection of Al-fegera Museum

Shadia el Desouki Abd elaziz Keshk
Pages: 200 - 240
Language: Arabic

An Almoravid dinar struck in the city of Fez during 479 AH

Ali Hassan Abdullah Hassan
Pages: 260 - 266
Language: Arabic

New Additions to the Coinage of Ṣāḥib Al-Zanaj (255-270 AH/869-883 CE)

Atef Mansour Mohammed Ramadan
Pages: 267 - 280
Language: Arabic

The Jubaila Monetary Treasure Exhibited in the National Museum in Riyadh

Ilham Ahmed Babtain
Pages: 317 - 327
Language: Arabic

Mazoz Bin Talout’s Currencies “The Problematic Issue of History and Money)

Osama Ahmed Mukhtar Hassan
Pages: 328 - 341
Language: Arabic

Coining House: Its Emergence, Work, and Management

Daifallah Yahya Al-Zahrani
Pages: 355 - 378
Language: Arabic

Les Monnaies du Roi Thrace Mostis

Oya Yağiz
Pages: 22 - 27
Language: French

Coins in the World and the World (= Cosmos) in Coins: A Cosmographic Approach

Amanda–Alice Maravelia
Pages: 33 - 49
Language: English

An Appreciation of Iconography in the Cedi Currency

Korklu A. Laryea
Pages: 50 - 65
Language: English

Ancient Greek Coins on Greek Banknotes

Vasso Penna
Pages: 66 - 77
Language: English

Copper Coins minted in Damascus in the First and Second Centuries Hijri

Ghazwan Mustafa Yaghi
Pages: 84 - 109
Language: English

The Inscriptions on 'Abd al-Malik's All-epigraphic Coinage

Jere L. Bacharach
Pages: 110 - 115
Language: English

False Coinage in the Sixteenth Century Ottoman Empire

Özlem Kumrular
Pages: 116 - 121
Language: English

Book review: Mauritanian Rock Art

sherine Ramadan
Pages: 122 - 124
Language: English



Book review: Diwan of Arabic Calligraphy in Egypt during the Muhammed Ali Dynasty

Mohamed Hassan
Pages: 125 - 127
Language: English