Issue No. 6 October 2011

The sixth issue of Abgadiyat overflows with a group of valuable research concerning inscription of the ancient Egyptian language; whether they were found in the Sarabeet al-Khadem, Wadi al-Hammamat or Wadi al-Jawasis areas, or those that date to the second era of transition, or concern administrative nicknames in ancient Egypt, or what some papyri dealt with in writing about the afterlife according to Ancient Egypt, or the efforts of some researchers in the field of the ancient Egyptian language, such as Professor Ahmed Kamal Pasha and his linguistic dictionary concerning the writings from the Coptic age that were dealt with from the artistic perspective stating the shape of icons, from the historical perspective stating the first Copts who wrote in Arabic, and concerning the writings in the Islamic age which dealt with the writings on homes in Damascus during the Ottoman Era, and inscriptions on rare Islamic coins and writing compositions, such as the royal monogram in the Modern Age, and inscriptions on some mosques.

The Abstracts:

(The Arabic Papers have a separate pagination from the English ones).


Pages: 6 - 6

Geographic Location in Hammamat Inscription

Mohamed El-sharkawey
Pages: 15 - 32
Language: Arabic

Ahmed Kamal Pasha: The Philolgist of Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Bahgat El-Qobiesy
Pages: 33 - 43
Language: Arabic

Severus, Bishop of Ashmunein, first Coptic Bishop to write in Arabic

Youhana Nessim
Pages: 71 - 81
Language: Arabic

Coin Industry in El-Salam city during the Era of Caliph Harun Al-Rashid (170-193 AH)

Nahedh Abdel Razak Daftar
Pages: 82 - 87
Language: Arabic

The Inscriptions of the Damascene Ottoman Residences

Ahmed Amin
Pages: 105 - 120
Language: Arabic

The Foundation Text of the Old Mosque of Malé

Khaled Mohamed Azab and Shaymaa ElSayeih
Pages: 121 - 129
Language: Arabic

The Cairo Museum Funerary Papyrus of Nes-Pa-Qa-Shuty (JE 95889)

Mohamed Ibrahim
Pages: 13 - 28
Language: English

A Remarkable Stela from the Second Intermediate Period

Manal Affara
Pages: 29 - 41
Language: English

The Serabit el-Khadim inscriptions - Formulaic Approach

Ahmed Mansour
Pages: 42 - 50
Language: English

The Maritime Expeditions of Wadi Gawasis

El-Sayed Mahfouz
Pages: 51 - 67
Language: English

Book Review: Reading the Maya Glyphs

Azza Ezzat
Pages: 85 - 87
Language: English

Book Review: Geography of Languages

Amr Ghoniem
Pages: 91 - 93
Language: English