Issue No. 7 December 2012

With the issuing of this edition, the Abgadiyat journal is witnessing a major transformation in its scientific journey, since the Bibliotheca Alexandrina has signed an agreement with the Brill Publishing House in the Netherlands for the printing and worldwide distribution of the Abgadiyat journal. The Brill Publishing House is without doubt one of the most important international publishing houses that publish and print solid scientific publications, with branches extending in China, Europe, North Africa, and South America.

The accuracy in selecting the scientific researches to be published, subjecting them to accurate scientific refereeing through a group of academic scholars, and verifying all their linguistic and structural aspect have participated in making this publication one of the most important scientific publications of the BA Writing and Scripts Center.

The Abstracts:

(The Arabic Papers have a separate pagination from the English ones).


Pages: 6 - 6

Observations on Paser Stela no. 43649 in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Abdel Wahid Abdel Salam Ibrahim
Pages: 15 - 24
Language: Arabic

Alpha Unpublished Grave Inscriptions from Najran (6-8 AH / 12-14 BCE) "Archaeological Artistic and Analytical Study"

Yasser Ismail Abdel Salam, Abdulaziz Mansy al-Omari
Pages: 25 - 61
Language: Arabic

Kufic Script on the Buildings of Central Asia: The Rise and Development

Shebl Ibrahim Ebaid
Pages: 62 - 80
Language: Arabic

A New Addition to Islamic Inscriptions Recently Discovered in Egypt

Magdy Abdel Gawad Elwan
Pages: 81 - 93
Language: Arabic

Endowment Marinis Sultan Abu al-Hassan, al-Obbad Mosque, Tlemcen, Algeria

Mohamed Bin Hamou
Pages: 150 - 159
Language: Arabic

Anger: Its Lexical Meanings and its Motives in the Light of Ancient Egyptian Texts

Abdel Moneim Mohamed Megahed
Pages: 160 - 182
Language: Arabic

A Manual of Instructions for a Better Afterlife, formerly known as the Book of the Dead

Essam Elsaeed and Paula Veiga
Pages: 13 - 25
Language: English

The God Nehebkau in Heliopolis

Nageh Omar Ali
Pages: 32 - 38
Language: English

A Brief Reflection on the Two Terms DAdw and wAxy

Sherine El-menshawy
Pages: 39 - 45
Language: English

Four Demotic Ostraca Accounts

Sohier M.Wahid El Din
Pages: 46 - 52
Language: English

Tarh for the First Sunday of the Lent

Youhana Nessim Youssef
Pages: 53 - 60
Language: English