Issue No. 8 December 2013

The eighth issue of Abgadiyat overflows with a group of valuable papers, such as ‘Unpublished Four Canopic Jars from Al-Ashmunien Magazine’, ‘Philological Development of Sdi.t’, ‘Hathor: Lady of Mefkat’ in the Nile Delta Textual Evidences, ‘On Ancient Egyptian Philology’, and ‘An Unpublished New Collection of Shabtis’. It might the most interesting of these papers that speaks about the inscription of the king Djer in South Sinai as the first complete sentence written in hieroglyphs.

From here, we can state that this issue might present a serious, practical study to continue the path the Writing and Scripts center had begun nine years ago.

The Abstracts:


Pages: 6 - 7

Unpublished Four Canopic Jars from Al-Ashmunien Magazine

Abdul-Rahman Aly
Pages: 13 - 21
Language: English

Philological Development of Sdi.t until the End of the Middle Kingdom

Ibrahim Abd El-Sattar and Osama Ibrahim
Pages: 22 - 27
Language: English

Names Allocated to the Fayoum Region in Ancient Egypt

Ibrahim Abd El-Sattar and Osama Ibrahim
Pages: 28 - 39
Language: English

On Ancient Egyptian Philology

Alessandro Roccati
Pages: 49 - 52
Language: English

Analysing Current Egyptian Displays in the United Kingdom

Lindsay Siviter
Pages: 53 - 58
Language: English

A New Light on Coptic Cryptography

Hind Salah–Eldin
Pages: 59 - 66
Language: English

Lasso and its Role as Nets in Religious Texts

Magda Gad
Pages: 67 - 74
Language: English

An Epitaph of a Roman Legionary Soldier from the Legio II Traiana stationed in Alexandria --First Publication

Mohamed Abd-el-Ghani- Hasnaa Mahmoud Fahmy- Aia Mohamed Taher - Nesreen Abd-el-Kareem Tawfiq
Pages: 92 - 109
Language: English

The Memorial Of Metrodoros Greek Stoikhed on from North Africa

Patricia A. Butz
Pages: 110 - 121
Language: English

The Maryannu in the Western Desert in the Ramesside Period

Mohamed Raafat Abbas
Pages: 128 - 133
Language: English

Presentation of Manuscript ‘Aqd al-Gawhar or Necklace of Beads’

Youhana Nessim Youssef
Pages: 134 - 140
Language: French