Issue No. 9 December 2014

The ninth issue of Abgadiyat, specifically, is considered to be one of the most important issues ever published. The research topics are very diverse. This issue overflows with valuable research concerning inscriptions of the ancient Egyptian language, such as “The Battle of Qadesh in Ramesses II’s Memory: A Brief Note” and “Canons of the Lent”. This issue also is dedicated to topics related to the Islamic writings and inscriptions, either in east or west of the  Islamic world, such as “A Study on the Inscriptions on Saadian Structures in Far Morocco (915–1069 AH/ 1510–1658 CE)”, “Women in Writings on Tombstones in the East of Algeria: A Comparative Archaeological Study”, and “The Inscriptions on Islamic Artworks in Morocco (Almohad and Marinid Dynasties)”. This issue might present a serious, practical study to continue the path the Center for Calligraphy Studies began twelve years ago.

The Abstracts:
(The Arabic Papers have a separate pagination from the English ones).


Pages: 6 - 6

Women in Tombstone Inscriptions in Eastern Algeria: A Comparative Archaeological and Artistic Study

Abdullah Kamel Mussa – Aaesha Hanafy
Pages: 15 - 54
Language: Arabic

Battle of Qadesh in Ramesses II’s Memory: A Brief Note

Amr Omar
Pages: 13 - 17
Language: English

Canons of the Lent

Youhanna Nessim Youssef
Pages: 18 - 30
Language: English

Book Review :The Great Name, Ancient Egyptian Royal Titulary

Hussein Bassir
Pages: 31 - 33
Language: English