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The World Space Environment Forum 2007 is to take place from (20-25 October 2007) at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center (BACC).

WSEF 2007 is organized, jointly, by the BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) and the World Institute for Space Environment Research (WISER) of the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil.

WSEF 2007 aims to review the state of space environment research, and to identify the key problems in Sun-Earth relation to be addressed by the international solar-terrestrial science community in the coming years. WSEF 2007 will provide a forum for elaborating international collaboration programs on research and training on the earth-ocean-space environment.

WSEF 2007 is the 3rd World Space Environment Forum. The first WSEF was hosted by the University of Adelaide in 2002 in Adelaide, Australia. The second WSEF was hosted by the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2005 in Schloss Seggau, Austria.

WSEF 2007 comprises two events:

(1) The first four days, 20-23 October 2007, will be dedicated to scientific discussions within the invited participants of the "Scientific Meeting".

(2) The last two days, 24-25 October 2007, will constitute a number of public lectures to present an overview of space activities worldwide, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of space exploration, within a "Public Forum.


In the preparation for the Einstein Symposium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina has made a deal with Alexandria City Center ...............

The winning team of the scientific contest, organized parallel to the Einstein Symposium, will receive three airline Tickets to Princeton , USA , supplied by Lufthansa , to visit Einstein's House, ........
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