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KIT Dossier Agricultural innovation (AI) coaching

Last update: Wednesday 14 December 2011

AI coaching stands for Agricultural Innovation coaching and is used when we talk about facilitating innovation in agriculture. It is very much related to concepts such as innovation brokerage, about which Laurens Klerkx et al have done extensive research in the European context. This dossier aims to provide insight into the AI coaching concept and how this concept can be put into practice. First, some attention is given to the underlying theoretical concepts in the in-depth section of this dossier. Then, under KIT’s involvement, you can read about KIT’s activities with regard to AI-coaching. Information about organizations working in the field of facilitating agricultural innovation are highlighted under the resources chapter, next to vital publications on the topic. Here you will find audiovisual material as well to get a better understanding and a more lively picture of the context in which the AI-coaching is placed. Key terms, concepts and buzz words are given in the glossary section.

KIT’s research and activities in this field are ongoing and therefore we very much welcome feedback and input to update our work in progress. If you would like to make any comments on this dossier or add new resources, please contact us at

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This digital dossier deals with agricultural innovation (AI) coaching and provides an explanation of the concept, the context in which it is used and a selection of relevant links, references and resources.

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