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KIT Dossier Human resources for health

Last update: Monday 29 July 2013

'We have to work together to ensure access to a motivated, skilled, and supported health worker by every person in every village.'

(Lee Jong-wook, former Director-General of the WHO)

This dossier is about Human Resources for Health (HRH). As HRH are an essential part of health systems, HRH policies can not be successful without efforts to improve the overall functioning of the health system. The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) is specialized in strategic planning and policy development in the area of HRH in low and middle income countries and it is a collaborating centre for the World Health Organization (WHO) for Human Resources for Health.

As a collaborating centre on HRH, KIT advises countries on policy, planning and capacity development. KIT also conducts research and develops innovative strategies to adress HRH needs. Special attention is paid to improving performance of staff, and to evaluating interventions to improve the HRH situation. This dossier aims to provide background information on HRH and on the involvement of KIT in this field.

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