Librarianship in the South

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KIT Dossier Librarianship in the South

Last update: Tuesday 16 October 2012

This webpublication is a spin-off from the Portal Librarianship in the South, which is managed and developed by KIT Information & Library Services (ILS) with support and contributions from its project partners.

The focus of this webpublication is on:

·        information on library operations and systems

·        information and knowledge management

·        open access databases

·        open source cataloguing systems

·        institutional repositories, and

·        digital libraries in low-resource environments

The target audience of this portal is formed by the global community of information professionals, librarians, ICT personnel as well as (university) library users: researchers, students, and lecturers. This Dossier focuses on providing relevant information to information professionals in the South.

The road to automation in Tamale, Ghana
What are dossiers?

Thematic guides to selected key documents & links, an to expertise of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). Most dossiers cover themes as part of a KIT information portal.

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