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KIT Dossier Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation

Last update: Wednesday 16 November 2011

Strengthening primary stakeholder involvement

Participatory planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation is about strengthening primary stakeholders’ involvement as active participants in interventions. This is achieved by those stakeholders taking the lead in tracking and analysing progress towards jointly agreed results and deciding on corrective action. This approach contributes to demand-led planning and decision-making and improved accountability, as long as effective communication and feedback loops are in place within programmes and agencies.

This dossier deals with participatory approaches to local development planning, monitoring and evaluation in the context of decentralization and local governance. ‘Local level’ refers to the lowest sub-national governance level where elected local government and ‘frontline’ service providers engage with citizens and their organizations. Resources will be provided on issues such as community and local government development planning, local revenue mobilization, plan implementation and approaches to participatory monitoring and evaluation.

If you would like to make any comments on this dossier or suggest additional resources, e-mail Sjon van 't Hof. Inquiries on KIT’s expertise and activities in this field can be directed to Gerard Baltissen, Elsbet Lodenstein, or other members of the team Rural decentralization and local governance.

For more resources on this topic, please refer to the KIT Portal Rural Decentralization and Local Governance.

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Rural Decentralization and Local Governance


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