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KIT Dossier Sustainable procurement

Last update: Tuesday 13 December 2011

This dossier deals with the concept of sustainable procurement. It forms part of the far much broader subject ‘Value chains for development’ about which KIT maintains a separate portal offering the latest news, events and resources on this theme. Sustainable procurement is becoming more and more used and acknowledged as a concept in itself, an therefore it deserves special attention in this dossier.

Sustainable procurement, is usually about fair, social, and 'green' production of goods and services in which a proper balance between price, quality and availability of these supplies and services are taken into account.

More about sustainable procurement and the context in which the concept is used can be found in the "in depth" and "KIT's involvement" sections of this dossier prepared by Marije Boomsma - senior advisor in the area of Sustainable Economic Development (SED) within KIT's Development Policy and Practice department.

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