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PAN intercultural arts : arts for social change

Banerjee, Mita | 2008-
  • Author(s): Banerjee, Mita
  • Publisher: PAN intercultural arts
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: performing arts, social change, cultural co-operation
PAN uses intercultural performance work to help facilitate self expression and promote a deeper understanding of our changing cultural identities. They work with communities across London and internationally to empower people to use the arts as a tool for change in their lives.

Cultural heritage & local development : a guide for African local governments

Barillet, Christian and Funsho Adedayo, Oluremi | 2006
  • Author(s): Barillet, Christian and Funsho Adedayo, Oluremi
  • Publisher: CRATerre-ENSAG : with UNESCO
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: cultural heritage, cultural property protection, cultural property preservation, local government, community participation, manuals, africa
This guide, following a partnership between the Partenariat pour le développement municipal africain (PDM), the UNESCO, and the French Senate, has been designed as a tool for decision making for local authorities. It also raises awareness on the protection and valorisation of African heritage.

National cultural policy for the Bahamas

Bethel, Nicolette and Glaser, Daniel | 2006
  • Author(s): Bethel, Nicolette and Glaser, Daniel
  • Publisher: Ministry of youth sports and culture [etc.]
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: cultural policy, bahamas
This draft version of the national cultural policy of the Bahamas provides an introduction and analysis of cultural issues in the Bahamas, and gives an overview of Bahamian culture, including its history.

Partnerships in cultural heritage : the international projects of the KIT Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam

Beurden, Jos van | cop. 2005
  • Author(s): Beurden, Jos van
  • Publisher: Royal tropical institute (KIT) [etc.]
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: cultural heritage, cultural property preservation, cultural co-operation, international co-operation, cultural policy, museums, cultural exchanges, netherlands
The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, originally established to display art, culture and products from the Dutch colonies, started some three decades ago to focus on more socio-economic development issues as well. This Bulletin describes international projects it undertook and presents the lessons learned.

From natural wholes to particular universality

Bjerregaard, Peter | 2007
  • Author(s): Bjerregaard, Peter
  • Publisher: ICME
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: museums, cultural and social anthropology, exhibitions, museology
This paper follows the development of the ethnographic collection at Moesgهrd Museum in إrhus from it's establishment in 1953. The central question is how to present ethnography in a future museum. The concept of 'particular universality' is used as an approach to universality in ethnographic museum

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