Maternal Health – Lessons Learned

Unsafe abortion : global and regional estimates of the incidence of unsafe abortion and associated mortality in 2008

إhman, Elisabeth and Shah, Iqbal | cop. 2011
  • Author(s): إhman, Elisabeth and Shah, Iqbal
  • Publisher: World health organization (WHO)
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: abortion, maternal mortality, maternal health services
Deaths due to unsafe abortion remain close to 13% of all maternal deaths. Although unsafe abortions are preventable, they continue to pose undue risks to a woman's health and may endanger her life.

High maternal mortality estimated by the sisterhood method in a rural area of Mali

Aa, Ingvill | 2011
  • Author(s): Aa, Ingvill
  • Publisher: BioMed central
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: maternal mortality, maternal welfare, rural areas, mali
The objective of the research was to estimate the maternal mortality ratio in Kita, rural Mali, using the “sisterhood method”. The researchers found a very high maternal mortality in rural Mali and this highlights the urgent need for obstetric services in the remote rural areas.

Maternal mortality at the end of a decade : signs of progress?

AbouZahr, Carla and Wardlaw, Tessa | 2001
  • Author(s): AbouZahr, Carla and Wardlaw, Tessa
  • Publisher:
  • Pages: 561--568
  • Keywords: maternal mortality, pregnancy, maternal welfare, maternal health services, vital statistics, data analysis
This article examines recent trends in two indicators associated with maternal mortality: the percentage of births assisted by a skilled health care worker and rates of caesarean delivery.

Maternal mortality in 2000 : estimates developed by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA

AbouZahr, Carla Lidia and Wardlaw, Tessa | 2003]
  • Author(s): AbouZahr, Carla Lidia and Wardlaw, Tessa
  • Publisher: World health organization (WHO) etc.
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: maternal mortality, mortality statistics
Report about the Maternal Mortality in 2000. The WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA have developed an approach to estimating maternal mortality that seeks both to generate estimates for countries with no data and to correct available data for underreporting and misclassification.

Midwifery provision and uptake of maternity care in Indonesia

Achadi, Endang | 2007
  • Author(s): Achadi, Endang
  • Publisher: Blackwell
  • Pages: 1490--1497
  • Keywords: midwives, health personnel, indonesia
Promoting a stable workforce of midwives, better financial access for the poor and expanding female education are important for the achievement of the fifth Millennium Development Goal (MDG-5).

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