Rural Decentralization and Local Governance

Real democratization in Cambodia? : an empirical review of the potential of a decentralization reform

ضjendal, Joakim and Sedara, Kim | 2011
  • Author(s): ضjendal, Joakim and Sedara, Kim
  • Publisher: Swedish International centre for local democracy (ICLD)
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: economic development, local government, democracy, conflict, reconstruction, public opinion, decentralization in government, cambodia
This article investigates popular perceptions of the evolving decentralization reform and the views of representatives of the commune authorities with the aim of analysing key dimensions of this reform in terms of post-conflict reconstruction, local democratization and local development.

Local government association capacity building : rationale, co-operation practices, and strategies for the future : Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Tanzania

ضstman, Kimmo | 2010
  • Author(s): ضstman, Kimmo
  • Publisher: Association of Finnish local and regional authorities
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: local government, capacity building, international co-operation, development assistance, development planning, finland, ghana, kenya, namibia, south africa, swaziland, tanzania
The landscape of international co-operation with regard to capacity building of local government associations in Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, and Tanzania is described and the Finnish development policy related to decentralisation is outlined.

Lessons learned from Norway's support for decentralisation and local government reform in developing countries

Aasen, Berit | 2008
  • Author(s): Aasen, Berit
  • Publisher: Norwegian agency for development cooperation (Norad)
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: decentralization in government, development assistance, rural planning, governance, tanzania, malawi, zambia, south africa, mozambique, sri lanka, nepal, vietnam
The Norwegian participation in a number of local development and local governance programmes and projects over the past 20 years is analysed. Part 1 of the report summarises experiences across all the selected programmes and presents a synthesised overview of lessons learned.

Success and failure of local e-government projects : lessons learned from Egypt

Abdelsalam, Hisham and Reddick, Christopher G. and ElKadi, Hatem | 2011]
  • Author(s): Abdelsalam, Hisham and Reddick, Christopher G. and ElKadi, Hatem
  • Publisher: Cairo university. Faculty of computers & information. Decision support and future studies center
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: management, evaluation, public opinion, public services, information technology, local government, egypt
The information systems success model was used to examine local e-government in Egypt. The model uses six success variables: information quality, system quality, service quality, use, user satisfaction, and perceived net benefit.

A guide to UNDP democratic governance practice

Achar, Asmara Lua and Fّrde, Bjّrn | 2010
  • Author(s): Achar, Asmara Lua and Fّrde, Bjّrn
  • Publisher: United nations development programme (UNDP)
  • Pages: --
  • Keywords: decentralization in government, local government, development strategies, development projects, development policy, democracy, governance
This document guides readers to the policies and strategies of UNDP in its work on democratic governance, including decentralization and local governance, Examples give a taste of work on the ground and resources indicate where you can find more information.

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