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ILTP – MARC 21 (Part one)

From 28 Oct 2018 To 01 Nov 2018

Duration: 30 hours (five days; six hours/day) - Deadline for registeration: 25 Oct 2018

Provided by: Networks and Outreach
Course - Open - Open for registeration - Available in Arabic

Target audience

Information professionals, publishers, library science students, and academics


Academic or professional knowledge of library science



To create and exchange bibliographic records electronically in a standard form

To introduce MARC 21 rules and give in-depth explanations of all basic fields, sub-fields, and indicator

To provide detailed information on how to create bibliographic records using MARC 21 and other information on lists of countries codes and geographic regions, as well as other lists of standard symbols


The course is part of the ILTP program and covers the following:

  • MARC 21 is a unified electronic format for machine readable cataloging. The course covers the following topics:
  • Introduction to indexing
  • Introduction to MARC 21
  • Main fields used:
    • 00X - Control fields
    • 1XX Main entry fields
    • 245 Title statement
    • 246 Varying form of title
    • 240 Uniform title
    • 250 Edition statement
    • 300 Physical description
    • 4XX Series statement fields
    • 5XX Notes fields
    • 6XX Subject access fields
    • 8XX Series added entry fields
    • 700–740 Added entry fields
    • 008 Fixed-length data elements
  • Hands-on activities

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