The Professional Training Institute, PTI, is dedicated to enhancing the role of Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) in disseminating knowledge and creating a place of learning and understanding between cultures and peoples. The PTI aims to become a regional center of excellence that offers comprehensive professional development/training programs. It provides the public with professional training in various areas and specialties through the organization and implementation of training programs offered by the different BA departments.

PTI Objectives:

  1. Contribute to the professional development of the local, regional and international communities in general
  2. Provide regional professionals and students with specialist training in cultural areas common among countries in the region
  3. Qualify undergraduates and graduates for the job market
  4. Work as a liaison between the diverse professional businesses and the community through networking with cultural and professional institutions
  5. Build relations with different national, regional and international institutions in order to:
    1.  provide training programs that are tailored to their needs, and
    2. benefit from the expertise of other international entities in our training programs.
  6. Establish partnerships to implement new BA professional training programs