550 EGP

Manuscripts and Rare Books Conservation (Level 2)

Duration: 88 hours (16 days, 5.5 hours/day)

Provided by: Manuscripts Museum
Course - Available at Bibalex - Available in Arabic / English

Target audience

University students, field professionals, and collection owners


Student ID or recommendation letter by an institution for professionals or proof of owning private collections


To learn about the latest methods of conservation, how to handle difficult cases, and how to report and analyze rare books and manuscript damage factors

To gain practical training on historical binding techniques and the main difference between books and manuscripts


  • Understanding conservation and restoration
  • Sewing techniques vol. 2
  • Conservation tools and equipment vol. 2
  • The structure of Islamic manuscripts
  • Bound objects documentation methods
  • Writing assessment sheet
  • The history of bookbinding
  • Bookbinding terminology
  • One-quarter binding technique
  • Western headband
  • Applying conservation methods and rare book restoration
  • Islamic binding
  • Islamic headband
  • Preventive conservation and handling bindings
  • Customized saving box
  • Quality control

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