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Environment and Climate Change

We human beings, were put on this impeccable planet, full of life, vibrant with marvelous creatures, each doing its role in an immaculate circle of life, surviving inevitable natural disasters and enduring the change that comes with them. It is amazing, now that we know what we know about humankind’s history on Earth, to realize how mankind had started out on Earth as just another creature. Unfortunately, as humans progressed, spreading their reach over the planet, tightening their grip on its resources and treasures, squeezing greedily for more power and luxuries long-ago considered myth, they have just recently, and surprisingly suddenly, realized they have started to pay the price; a price other creatures have been paying for a long time.

Is it too late though? It probably is for many creatures; but, it is not the end of the world yet. The end of the world will eventually come, but do we have to speed it up? Do we have to spell our own doom? I think we all agree that, if we, humans, are capable of doing all this damage, we are also capable of salvaging it; after all, we are the creative creatures with the opposable thumbs.

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