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Come to Your Senses

Our five senses are our compass through life; through them we experience our big world. Have you ever wondered how we would live without the sense of sight? Or what food would be like if we did not have the sense of taste, for example? If you are a normal person endowed will all your senses, you would not have an answer to these questions, because we usually take our senses for granted; many would not even give it a thought, which is a huge mistake.

Our senses are a precious gift from God; yet, we usually never value them until we meet a blind person, a deaf person, or any person who has a problem with his/her senses. We perceive the world around us and enjoy it through the senses; each one of our senses helps us survive, function, detect danger, and communicate. Not only that; our senses help us savor the world, its spectacular sights, soothing sounds, memorable smells, delicious tastes, and heartening feelings.

We hope you enjoy browsing the related stories and that they help you perceive the marvels of science in a new way.

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