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Safe Summer

Summertime; who does not wait for it impatiently and excitedly? As is the nature of mankind, on long hot summer days, we long for the coolness of winter; many, if not all of us, whether we have experienced it before or not, hope to get the chance to play in the snow, if only once in a lifetime. Nevertheless, the universal fact remains that no time tops summertime in our heads and hearts.

Despite the heat and humidity, summertime remains the time we all associate with fun, good times and happy memories. When we were children, summertime was when we had no school to wake up early to go to, no homework to consume our evenings or exams to worry about. Summertime was when we would throw all worries out the window to spend the days playing in the sand and swimming at the beach with family and friends.

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SCIplanet is a bilingual edutainment science magazine published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center and developed by the Cultural Outreach Publications Unit ...
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