Astronomy and Space Sciences

SCIplanet invites you to fulfill your curiosity about space and its magnificent celestial bodies, know how the universe began and evolved, and follow current developments and future prospects for astronomy and space sciences.

Physical and Chemical Sciences

SCIplanet invites you to explore physics and chemistry through a much appealing lens that would guide you through some secrets of the world around us.

Earth Sciences

SCIplanet invites you to explore our unique planet, learn how it works, and how messing with its systems can wreak havoc on us all.

Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life

SCIplanet explores an extraordinary variety of microorganisms, animals and plants, the places they live in, and their surrounding environments, with which human fate is tightly linked.

Human Body

SCIplanet find it indeed an inevitable necessity to think about, learn and understand this astounding creation: the human body.

Health and Diseases

SCIplanet tries to tap into a diversity of health issues and conditions that vary from the historic and controversial to the current and challenging.

Food, Mood, and Behavior

SCIplanet shows how healthy eating patterns and staying physically active can determine our life quality and impact on our mood, physiology, and performance.

Education, Business, and Society

SCIplanet sheds light on this fact from every possible angle; it tackles the science from the perspective of everyday places where we live, study, work, and experience.

Science in Arts and Culture

SCIplanet explores the relationship among science, arts, and culture, and shows how these intersecting fields can inform, inspire and provide each other new tools to better understand and depict the world.

Inventions and Innovations

In this theme, SCIplanet pay humble tribute to scientists and inventors, showcasing their unequivocal role in shaping our lives so we might also be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

About Us

SCIplanet is a bilingual edutainment science magazine published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center and developed by the Cultural Outreach Publications Unit ...
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