Health and the Human Body

We embark on a new journey to explore, and re-explore, the different aspects of human life. The first eternal theme to pop into anyone’s mind in such a journey is without a doubt the closest to home: our own bodies; our health.We have tried to tap into a diversity of health issues that vary from the historic, the cultural, and the controversial, to the current, the challenging, the psychologically damaging, and the potentially devastating.

Human Civilization

Speaking of science and its connotations of development, it is only appropriate to dig deep, to excavate the roots, to search for the beginnings of progress, of the future. Hence, we dig into topics related to human civlizationm and make a point of pinpointing the downsides of all previous rises, which eventually led to their falls. We attempt to open our readers’ eyes to the calamity of ego, greed, and, more dangerously, indifference; simply because we, Mankind, have run out of time and can no longer afford any of these despicable traits that can lead us up to the most glorious of glories, just to let us fall to the most tragic of tragedies.

Energy and Water

Although they seem different, energy and water are often collocated by international organizations and in the media; why is that? In fact, both energy and water are essential to fulfil the basic human needs. Food production, industry, and achieving economic growth are impossible without both. Moreover, energy and water are closely connected and dependent on one another. Water is required in most energy production processes, and energy is essential to make water resources accessible to people for consumption and irrigation. We invite you to read the articles under this topic and explore more about these two valuable resources.

Technology and Inventions

Humans lived for millennia without the luxury of supreme technology we have today. However, they have always sought the tools that can make their life easier, using the simplest materials available. With the application of technology, time-consuming processes can be executed with ease and in less time; technological development has thus never stopped, and will never stop to evolve and reinvent itself.

Back to Nature: Animal and Plant Life

Our fate is tightly linked with biodiversity: the huge variety of animals and plants, the places they live, and their surrounding environments, worldwide. Yet, it is being lost at a greatly accelerated rate because of human activities that impoverishes us all and weakens the ability of living systems, on which we depend, to resist growing threats. We dedicate this theme to “Biodiversity” and discuss its different aspects; hope you enjoy reading it and join us in working in the protection of our home; Earth.

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