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Stakeholder-driven funding mechanisms for agricultural innovation : case studies from sub-Saharan Africa

Document type: book
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Abstract: This bulletin focuses on experiences in Tanzania and Benin with stakeholder-driven funding mechanisms for agricultural research and development. One of the key innovations that can be made to the agricultural system is to establish funding mechanisms for technology development and dissemination that are interactively controlled and managed by stakeholders. For such innovative funding mechanisms to work, far-reaching institutional changes are needed, such as enhancing client control over priorities and resources, expanding the range and skills of service providers, and making organizational changes in all stakeholder organizations, whether public sector, private sector or farmers’ organizations. Mechanisms such as competitive grant schemes and public-private partnership funds focus on adaptive research and dissemination. The cases described here have shown that greater stakeholder participation is key, not only to efficient planning and resource allocation, but also to the implementation and monitoring and evaluation of innovation development. Experience has also shown that matching public funding with private financing will enhance ownership and sustainability of these mechanisms.
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Series Title: Bulletin / Development policy & practice
Country: Benin , Tanzania, United Republic of
Category: Policy
Editor: Heemskerk, W. , Wennink, B.
ISBN: 90-6832-167-6
Serial number: 373
ISSN: 0922-7911
Keywords: agriculture , research , participation , private sector , finance
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: 127
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: KIT Publishers
Year: 2005
Region: Africa , Africa South of Sahara
Right: © 2005 KIT
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Stakeholder-driven funding mechanisms for agricultural innovation : case studies from sub-Saharan Africa