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Verslag studiemiddag ‘Lessons learned rondom tsunami’

Document type: report
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Abstract: The Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC) was established in 2005. It is an informal group of donors, UN agencies, NGOs en the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement. Evaluations are conducted on five themes: (1) co-ordination (including civil-military issues); (2) needs assessment and targeting; (3) impact on local and regional capacities; (4) linking relief, rehabilitation and development; and (5) complex issue of funding and fundraising, including as assessment of the role of the media.
Corporate author(s): Vereniging voor personele samenwerking met ontwikkelingslanden (PSO)
Country: Indonesia
Category: General
Keywords: disasters and emergencies , humanitarian assistance , aid coordination
Language: nld
Organization: PSO - Capacity Building in Developing Countries
Place: [The Hague]
Publisher: [PSO]
Year: 2005
Region: Southeast Asia
Right: © 2005 PSO
Subject: Humanitarian Assistance
Title: Verslag studiemiddag ‘Lessons learned rondom tsunami’