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Health workers on the move

Document type: report
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Abstract: The human resources crisis in health is not just a phenomenon in developed countries, but also in developing countries. These countries face great internal migration of health workers from rural to urban, but many also go to the West. This briefing paper presents several strategies that are divided into actions THERE, namely in developing countries with shortages of health workers, and actions HERE, in Western countries to address the global shortage of health workers.
Authors: Jurgens, E. , Pas, R. van der
Series Title: Wemos Briefing Paper
Category: General
Keywords: health services , human resource management , migration
Language: eng
Organization: Wemos Foundation
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: Wemos Foundation
Year: 2009
Region: Global
Right: © 2009 Wemos Foundation
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Health workers on the move