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Quality health services in Yemen : the patients' perspective

Document type: mthesis
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Abstract: Quality of care is very poor in public and private sectors in Yemen (World Bank, 2006, MoPH 2000, WHO 2006), most, if not all Yemeni people are not satisfied with the quality of health care in public and private sectors, in the public sector patients have to pay out of their pockets for the service which used to be free with no improvement in quality (MoPH 2000), patients and professionals believe that quality of services should be improved. The low utilization of health services available in spite of the huge prevailing health problems implies that the choice of services be influenced by other factors than availability, the most important factor for not using the services is patient dissatisfaction (MoPH 1998). Quality of care in Yemeni hospital can be improved starting from patient satisfaction aspect, which can be improved easily and with minimum resources. This paper is focused on hospitals quality of care from patient perspective. The aim of this study is to explore quality of care from patients’ perspective, mechanism for measuring and assessing the patients’ perspective and to suggest strategies that include patients’ perspective to improve quality of care in Yemeni hospitals.
Authors: Al-Sufyani, B.M.
Country: Yemen
Category: Research
Department: Development Policy & Practice
Institute: KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)
Keywords: health services
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: v, 48, xi
Year: 2008
Region: Western Asia
Right: © 2008 Al-Sufyani
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Quality health services in Yemen : the patients' perspective
Training: Master of Public Health / International Course in Health Development (ICHD)