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State of the art : psychosocial interventions with children in war-affected areas

Document type: report
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Abstract: In the past years, War Child Holland has been developing its methodology for psychosocial assistance to children in war-affected areas, which is characterised by the application of creative means. In the light of a growing, wider recognition that programmes for war-affected communities need to include psychosocial aspects, it is time to look at the War Child methodology in relation to contemporary approaches. Of interest are both the types of interventions that have emerged as well as the evidence that has been found with regard to the effectiveness of interventions. War Child put forward a specific request for comparative study, addressing the following questions: •What are the key types of intervention for psychosocial assistance that are being applied to children in war-affected areas? •What are the results of (scientific) research into the effects of the most relevant programmes? •Which NGOs operate in this sector and what is their practical experience with specific methods? •How does the War Child methodology relate to developments in the sector; what is known about the effects of War Child’s programme and how can these be measured? How will War Child work towards the development of additional evidence? This paper aims to clarify the key issues, laid out in three chapters: 1. What are the main types of interventions? 2. What evidence of success is available? 3. What is the position and role of War Child Holland? In the final paragraph, the main conclusions and War Child’s future orientation are reviewed. The content of this paper is based on a study of literature, policies, evaluations and research documents produced by key policy makers, aid professionals, researchers and other leading experts in the sector. In addition, informal talks were held with colleagues in the humanitarian field.
Note: Rev. ed. 1st ed.: 2005
Authors: Kalksma-van Lith, B. , Graaff, D. de
Category: Research
Keywords: children , conflict , human rights , mental health
Language: eng
Organization: War Child
PAGE: 39
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: War Child
Year: 2007
Right: © 2007 War Child
Subject: Social and Political Change
Title: State of the art : psychosocial interventions with children in war-affected areas