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A study on farmer behaviour change and household decision making in Svay Rieng

Document type: report
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Abstract: This study examines the determinants of farmers’ behavioural change with regard to agricultural practices in Svay Rieng province, Cambodia, to understand why some farmers grow vegetables and why others do not. It tests the assumption that behaviour change (the switch/diversification from just rice production to vegetable cultivation) is multi-dimensional, and is an outcome of several factors such as physical and social distance, assessments of risk, quality of relationships and status. This includes a lack of confidence among farmers, and other household members, in their capacity to do so. That is, they lack a knowledge base with which to compare their skills and have limited access to market information, water, labour and extension services. The study uses a mixed methods approach among a sample of over 200 farmers in 20 villages in Svay Rieng province. This report presents a number of recommendations to address the challenges that have been identified with regard to markets, access to information and knowledge, linkages, relationships and trust between farmers, and between farmers and other stakeholders, and the empowerment of women as vegetable growers.
Authors: Santoyo Rio, E.
Country: Cambodia
Category: Research
Keywords: agriculture , food , markets , women
Language: eng
Organization: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
PAGE: 75
Place: Phnom Penh City
Publisher: SNV Cambodia
Year: 2012
Region: Southeast Asia
Right: © 2012 SNV Cambodia
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: A study on farmer behaviour change and household decision making in Svay Rieng