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Annual Plan 2013

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: This is the annualplan of Oxfam Novib for 2013. Oxfam Novib believes that people must be able to build a livelihood without poverty by themselves. Oxfam Novib supports local partners in developing countries with money, advice and valuable contacts and lobbies governments, institutions and businesses to consider the poorest people in their policies. Besides that, Oxfam Novib campaigns in the North to involve citizens in their work and move them to adopt a way of living from which the poorest people can also reap the benefits, one that is in any case not to their detriment.
Corporate author(s): Oxfam Novib
Category: Policy
Keywords: human rights , poverty , sustainable development
Language: eng
Organization: Oxfam Novib
PAGE: 46
Place: Den Haag
Publisher: Oxfam Novib
Year: 2012
Right: © 2012 Oxfam Novib
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: Annual Plan 2013