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04 May 2008 Fatima El-Fehria International Award for Women in Science

The First International Award To:

acknowledge The Accomplishment Of Women ONLY

recognize The Achievement Of Women In Science ONLY

prove Women Innovation, Excellence, Intelligence, And Success

be Named After A Woman Who Established The First University In The World

The Fatima El-Fehria International Award for Women in Science was launched in the year 2000, as part of a major international
campaign of the Women in Science International League, to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of women specialized
in all branches of science. In addition, to highlight to the international community the significant role that women are playing in the
advancement of Science Technology and Medicine, and the need for their inclusion at all levels of the scientific educational processes
and development.

The Award is the first international recognition of women in science, technology, and medicine.  It is designed to encourage and reward
the excellence of women’s achievements and accomplishments in science, medicine, technology, education, and societies services,
developmental programs, and humanitarian relief.

The Award has been named after Fatima El-Fehria - the Moroccan woman who donated all her inheritance, more than 1200 years ago,
to build the Karaouiyine University, based in Fez - Morocco, which is considered the first university in the world.  Thus women and the
international world can learn from her life history how to utilize, employ and use their abilities and intelligence to build up and promote
societies on the basis of education & science.  Fatima El-Fehria was clever, innovative, intelligent, and indeed a great woman; and the
League hopes that all will take her as an example.

How to nominate someone for the Fatima El-Fehria Award
Nominations to be made by academic/scientific institutions/organizations, working parties, research groups, and by
other official and knowledgeable individuals associated with the nominee (but no self-nominations). Nominees must
belong to scientific, medical, or educational institution, organization, or corporation.
Nomination of women with a distinguished career as writers, editors, lecturers, radio/TV program director or film
producers, which has enabled her to help to interpret science, research, and technology to the public indicating the
role of science in improvement of public welfare, the enrichment of cultural heritage of nations and the solution of
humanity problems, are highly encouraged.

Nomination packages must include the following materials: a 1-3-page letter by the chief nominator outlining the
significance and importance of the nominee's contribution to desert research, copies of particularly significant
publications, a selected bibliography, reviews of the nominee's publications that have appeared in journals,
newsletters, or books, and several or more letters from other supporters of the nomination.
Please note that FIVE copies must be submitted of any items that are submitted only on paper, including publications.
Nominations must be received by the WISIL President by May 1st.
Nomination packages should be sent directly to the President of WISIL.
The Fatima El-Fehria Award Selection Committee, chaired by the President of WISIL, selects the award winner(s)
from the group of nominations received by the League. 

The Award, consists of a medallion and a life time membership with WISIL, will be presented at a special ceremony. 
Each winner will be invited to present a Lecture preferably for which the recognition has been voted.

Past Award Winners
Professor Amina Berraho – Morocco
Professor of Opthalmology, President – Hassan II Foundation for Ophthalmology

Dr Daniela Buna - USA
Associate Professor of Physics, Ramapo College

Professor Susan Povey – United Kingdom
Professor of Genetics, University College London

Professor Soad Amiry – Palestine
Professor of Architecture, President – Rawaq Heritage Institute

The 2004/2005 award was dedicated to recognize the women of our world whose impact has been outstanding, sometimes under
unusual or difficult circumstances, and who have demonstrated the abilities to be great leaders, leaving an indelible imprint on today's
societies and accomplishment for future generations to consider.

Mrs. Sue Byrnes - USA
Executive Director & Founder
The LAM Foundation,
in recognition of her outstanding contributions and achievements to the advancement of women’s health.

Mrs. Rabab Al-Sadr - Lebanon
Chief Executive Officer,
Imam Al-Sadr Foundations,
Beirut – Lebanon
in recognition of her distinguished contributions and achievements in humanitarian relief efforts and developmental programs.

Ms. Christina Noble - Ireland
Christina Noble Children’s Foundation
London – United Kingdom
in recognition of her superior contributions and achievements in humanitarian relief efforts and developmental programs.