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Chang Yu Pan
Chang Yu Pan is currently Prof?of Dept of the Endocrinology Department at the Chinese PLA General Hospital in Beijing China She received her MD degree from Harbin Medical University in 1956 and was postgraduate trainee of Endocrinology at the PUMC from 1963-1965,and visiting investigator at Okynawa University in Japan from1985-1986,as well as scholler fellower at Tulfts University in Boston USA from 8196-1987?Chang Yu Pan is an active member of numerous national and international scientific organisations, including the Chinese Medical Association and ADA?Pan is an editorial board member of key Chinese medical journals?Shas received 4 awards from Chinese Military technological and scientifical?,,,,, her reseach interest include the detction,prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications? She was the principle investigator of the Chinese Diabetes Prevention Study with acarbose, and a member of international steering or management committees of ADVANCEĀ«NAVIGATORand The National leader of Origin international intervention trials?She was published more the 300 articles in peer reviewed journals both in China and internationally.
Diabetes in China:Meeting the Challenge
Diabetes in China:Meeting the Challenge Chang Yu Pan Diabetes is growing into one of the most serious and costly diabetes globally in both human and economic terms. The prevalence of diabetes in China is increasing with economic and changes from traditional to modernized lifestyle. Many Chinese people now drive cars instead of cycle or walk and there are more high calorie-food intake. This has triggered a rapid growth of diabetes prevalence in the country. The total number of diabetes is nearly 30 million and another 30 million for prediabetes (IGT). However, several large scale survey showed 60%-70% of diabetes was undiagnosed in the general population and majority of patients(84.5%,1228/1470) with abnormal glucose metabolism would have remained undiagnosed in the established CHD patients. The Diabcare-China in 2003 which recruited 2700 patients with diabetes at 30 specialist centers found that of the people who participated in the study, 95% were diagnosed type2 diabetes as opposed to other types of diabetes, over half of patients with metabolic control (61.% had mean total Ch 5.1+/-1.1 mmol/L,53.3%had HDL-c 1.3+/-0.6mmol/L and 60%had TG 1.9+/-1.1 mmol/L). In this study ,only 65.0%and 38.5% of people with diabetes had eye and feet examinations, respectively, in the past 12 months. In the light of higher frequencies of diabetes eye complications such as cataract (37.2%) ,neuropathy(29.3%) and retinopathy(18.4%) than foot complications among Chinese people with diabetes (CVD) and metabolic syndrome. Lifestyle modification and some pharmacological therapies. Such as Acarbose, have been shown to reduce disease progression in China. While a number of trials China joined are ongoing to future assess the potential preventive effects various therapies.