Tadashi Hirata print  
Tokyo University
Ph. D. of Agricultural Chemistry
Job Carrier:
1963 Joined Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1970 Visiting Researcher, National Cancer Institute, NIH,USA
1976 Associate Senior Research Scientist, Tokyo Research Laboratories Developed novel carbacephem antibiotic
1979 Senior Research Scientist, Tokyo Research Laboratories
1985 Associate-Director, ResearchPlanning&AdministrationDepartment Tokyo Research Laboratories
1989 Director, Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories
1993 Member of Board of Directors
Plant Manager, Fuji Plant Director, Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories
1995 Managing Director, General Manager, Pharmaceuticals International Division,Pharmaceutical Planning&Administration Dept.,
1996 President, Chief Operating Officer
1998 President, Chief Executive Officer
2003 Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
2005 Senior Advisor
Public Service:
Member of Japan Biotechnology Strategic Council
Chairman,Japan Biological Informatics Consortium
President, Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation
A Breakthrough in Monoclonal Antibody
Therapeutic monoclonal antibody based on the rapid progress of life science and technology has been increasingly important as novel medication for cancer, allergy and other hard-to-cure diseases and also as highly promising growth driver in pharmaceutical industry. However comparatively high manufacturing cost of the biologics reflects on significantly high medication cost which may limits the wide spread of this promising medication. Moreover current MoAb still has some limitation in efficacy and there exists substantial population of patients that does not respond satisfactorily to existing MoAb therapy. We have developed a unique technology, POTELLIGENT which shows great promise to solve these underlining problems. During the course of molecular manipulation on MoAb, reducing and eventually nullifying the fucose content of Fc-domein turned out to potentiate ADCC activity dramatically by ~100 fold. The POTELLIGENT MoAb can be simply and reproducibly produced by replacing the current producing cell lines with the derivative of which fucosylation enzyme FUT-8 gene was knocked out. The significant improvement of ADCC activity for wide range of MoAB should make a great impact on MoAb therapy as well as business. BioWa was founded in USA to pursue the business development of POTELLIGENT.