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The Bulaq
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The Bulaq or El-Amiriya Press is the first official and governmental printing press to be established in Egypt, and function according to industrial printing basis, causing not just a qualitative but also a quantitative and knowledgeable leap in science throughout the Arab region. Established in 1820 by Mohamed Aly, as cited on the green marble Foundation Plaque, 110 cm long and 55 cm wide, with the following verses by the poet Said inscribed in golden Turkish letters: "The present Egyptian Khedive Mohamed Aly, pride to our religion and state, donor of great endowments, has yet increased his uncountable gifts by establishing a printing house in that beautiful and extraordinary form ."

The green marble Foundation Plaque
The green marble Foundation Plaque

Mohamed ALy The Bulaq Press was part of Mohamed Aly's inclusive development plans for the modernization of Egypt. The Khedive, first initiated his plans by establishing a strong Egyptian army; one that is capable of strengthening his grip on the country. It thus became essential that this army be provided with the necessary instructive and educational books and material, by which to learn military plans and techniques, as well as the different types of artillery and laws that define a soldier's duties and rights. A pressing need eventually developed for establishing a governmental press; one that should provide such material.

By 1815 CE., Mohamed Aly initiated the process of bringing the art of printing to Egypt by sending the first official delegation, headed by Nicole El Masabki, to Milan in Italy, to learn the principles of printing. The same delegation was later able to return and establish the first official press in Egypt.

    Phases Of Establishing