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TWAS-ARO 7th Annual Meeting "Water, Nuclear and Renewable Energy: Challenges Versus Opportunities"

28 December 2011 - 29 December 2011

The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World's -Arab Regional Office (TWAS-ARO) held its 7 thAnnual Meeting , 28-29 December 2011, at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The Meeting was preceded by a seminar that intended to bring together leading experts to discuss challenges and opportunities of water, nuclear and renewable energy in the Arab region.

Today, population and demographic pressures increase demand for critical resources such as energy, water, and arable land, all of which are under mounting stress in the Arab region. Acute natural resource scarcity, in turn, can contribute to economic stagnation, increased migration, and competition among social groups and countries. Unless patterns of development address the issue of sustainability, the Region's future growth and human security could be undermined.

Accordingly, addressing ongoing research in the Arab countries cannot be separated from the surrounding market changes, governmental projects, and policies. Some countries have declared their interest in nuclear power generation while a few are considering wind and solar energy in a region which is rich with sun energy almost the year round. Arab countries in the MENA region are estimated by the firm to have a potential to generate 630,000,000 megawatts of solar power, and also 75,000 megawatts of wind power potential. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS) 2010). In addition, freshwater makes up only three per cent of the water on our planet, some 77.6 per cent of this is in the form of polar or mountain icecaps and 21.8 per cent is subterranean water. Only the remaining 0.6 per cent is what meets the daily consumption, agricultural and industrial needs of the world's current population of six billion which necessitates implementing integrated water management systems.

Egypt and other Arab countries are now passing through many political and economical changes. Such changes will affect various segments, specially the energy sector. This conference addressed two important topics regarding the energy field: Nuclear and Renewable. The energy seminar was structured by experts in the field of energy and will highlight different aspects of Nuclear and Renewable Energies.

TWAS-ARO members and young affiliates, along with other eminent speakers, were provided an opportunity for a wide range of fruitful discussions and solution-oriented idea exchange to join together and embrace the future of water, nuclear and renewable energy in the Arab World. TWAS-ARO Regional Prize winner, in addition to TWAS-ARO Young Affiliates 2011 announcement, took place during the Meeting.

As scientific research is an important tool for social development and economic progress of any country, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World's Arab Regional Office (TWAS-ARO)continued its support for young Arab researchers by holding a poster session for young Arab researchers, to showcase their researches. TWAS-ARO sponsored 10 outstanding young researchers, from different Arab countries, to present their projects/researches on water, nuclear and renewable energy.

Registration Deadline was 20 December 2011.

Registration fees were:

Academia: EGP 100
Student: EGP 75

New Offer on registration fees! For Group Registration: Groups of 10 persons or more 50% discount.

Registration fees included:

  • Coffee breaks as per the program
  • 2 lunch breaks
  • Seminar material

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