600 Arabic, English, and French BA Publications at the Cairo International Book Fair

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The BA is taking part in the Cairo International Book Fair this year with over 600 books, from the twelve BA research centers, on different topics and specializations. These topics vary between Biotechnology, Literature, History, Documents, and Manuscripts.

The BA released two books to the public during the Book Fair, the first of which is The Photographic Memory of Alexandria which includes photos of Alexandria between the 19th and 20th centuries. The second book is The Documented Photographic Biography of Dr. Gamal Hamdan. Dr. Gamal Hamdan is the author of Egypt’s Identity and the BA managed to acquire his documents through his brother, the Major General Abdel Azim Hamdan.

The BA is offering major discounts on its publications, such as the Memory of Modern Egypt magazine and its editions. The first edition of the magazine was republished for the Book Fair. The Coptic Notebooks series, which is published by the BA Coptic Studies Center, will also be available at the Book fair, in addition to Awrak series which specializes in Sociology of Religion.

Moreover, the BA is offering a book titled Diwan of Arabic Calligraphy in Egypt, which chronicles Arabic calligraphy during the reign of Muhammed Ali, as well as another book about the grand master of Arabic calligraphy in Egypt, Sayed Ibrahim by Dr. Mohamed Hassan. In continuation of the BA book series that features the Presidential Palaces in Egypt, such as Abdeen Palace and  Tahra Palace, the BA has also published a book about the Montazah Palace by Dr. Mohamed Awad, which documents the history of the palace through different photos.

Information about the BA’s services is also available at the booth.