The BA Celebrates Culturama Patent in the Smart Village

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Alexandria— The BA Center for the Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) has obtained the patent rights for the CUTURAMA.

A celebration is scheduled on 11 July 2007 at the CULTNAT headquarters Smart Village, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif , Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Dr. Ismail Serag Eldin, BA Director. The celebration will be accompanied by panorama for the first ancient Egyptian language opera "Coming Out in Day Light"

CUTURAMA is a cultural innovation that creates a harmonious mixture between the richness of culture and information related to natural Egypt heritage. It is a creative and attractive presentation of the latest technological systems, developed by CULTNAT owing to the efforts of Dr. Fathi Saleh, Director of CULTNAT.

The Culturama hall consists of a huge 180-degree panoramic interactive computer screen with a diameter of 10 meters that is made up of nine separate flat screens arranged in a semicircle and nine video projectors controlled by a single computer. Culturama has also enabled the display of information that could never have been displayed clearly using regular computer display systems.

Culturama has proven to be an excellent tool for delivering information to both children and adults. The key factor for Culturama’s success is the amount and type of information it contains, together with the methodology used to introduce this information, which makes it both simple and clear.

Culturama presents three different periods of the Egyptian history: the Ancient Egyptian Period, Highlights of Islamic Civilization and Modern Egypt. In the first period, the ancient times are introduced by displaying the timeline of the Pharaonic period, from 3000 B.C. up till the start of the Gregorian calendar.

Another key feature is the display of panoramic scenes of some sites, specifically in the period of Modern Egypt. Users can interact with the panorama to navigate or select some of the components in the view and see more information about this component. For instance, in the Cairo panorama you can click on one of the old bridges of the Nile to see a movie clip of that bridge filmed by the brothers Lumiere in 1895.


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