An Exhibition, A Website, and A Catalogue In Celebration of the Egyptian Cinema at the BA

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Alexandria— The Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center (Alex Med) will hold a celebration on 31 July 2007 including an exhibition on Alexandrians, who played a crucial role in the International or Egyptian cinema. The celebration will also feature the launch of a website, a CD, and a catalogue comprising rare photos and posters illustrating the relation between Alexandria, Alexandrians and the international and Egyptian cinema.

Dr. Mohamed Awad, Director, Alex Med, stated that the celebration will include the launch of a book entitled "Alexandrians in the Egyptian Cinema" by Samy Helmy. Some distinguished Alexandrian cinema makers will be also honored in the celebration, namely: Youssef Chahin, Omar El-Sherif, Shady Abdel Salam, Mohamed Bayoumi, Togo Mezrahi, Tawfik Saleh, Samir Sabry, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Kabiel, Hind Rostom, Asmaa El-Bakry, Bahna Brothers.

He also mentioned that the celebration is part of a project funded by the European Commission to research the beginnings of the Egyptian cinema in Alexandria, the cultural interaction between foreigners and Egyptians in Alexandria, and the pioneering role played by Alexandrians in filming, directing, acting, distributing, and making Egyptian Cinema.

The project also published a book "the Birth of the Seventh Art" issued in English containing information on Alexandrians and Cinema making, whether in Egypt, Europe, USA, or the Arab World. Alexandrians cited in the book include Ibrahim Moussa, late Dody El-Fayed, who produced the film "Chariots of Fire", and the Greek Maria of Alexandrian origin, who directed the film "Alexandria" in Greek in the year 2000.

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