The BA Publishes Al-Minawi Family as a Part of the Memory of Modern Egypt Project

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The BA has published Al-Minawi Family by Dr. Mahmoud Fawzi al-Minawi in an attempt to document the heritage of the Minawi family whose most famous family member is Sheikh Abd al-Ra`uf al-Minawi. This publication is a part of the 16th issue of Memory of Modern Egypt.

The 161 page book includes three chapters: the luminaries of the Minawi family in the writings of Sheikh Abd al-Ra`uf al-Minawi; old and modern works about Sheikh Abd al-Ra`uf al-Minawi by those who knew him or knew of him; and an abstract of the Sheikh’s works.

The author based his book on some of the Minawi family scholars’ works and manuscripts, especially the works written by Sheikh Abd al-Ra`uf al-Minawi which are available at the Egyptian National Library and Archives and at the King Faisal Center for Research Islamic Studies.

Since the BA aims to preserve Egyptian history, it has paid close attention to the Minawi family and their rich history that is part and parcel of Egypt’s political, social, economic, scientific, and cultural heritage.

The BA began the Memory of Modern Egypt project to document and archive the history of Egypt. It has also adopted numerous research programs, such as the Egyptian Families project which documented the history of the Boutros Ghali family, the Nokrashi family, and other influential families.


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