BA Publishes New Edition of The Beauty of the Arabic Script at Al-Busiri Mosque

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The BA Center for Calligraphy Studies has published a new edition of The Beauty of the Arabic Script at Al-Busiri Mosque as part of the annual research projects, a scientific series published periodically by the Center’s Research and Studies Unit. The book was prepared by Dr. Khaled Azab and Dr. Mohamed el-Gamal with an introduction by Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the BA.

This book is a result of the research projects conducted by the Center for Calligraphy Studies to digitize various inscriptions and scripts. These projects have resulted in the Digital Library of Inscriptions and Calligraphies. This series of research projects includes numerous ancient texts that have never before been published.

The 117-page book covers the historical and architectural aspects of the mosque and includes detailed descriptions of the inscriptions and writings adorning the mosque along with photos of these embellishments. The book also delves into the life of Imam al-Busiri, a poet who was best known among his 17th century peers for the social commentary he included in his poetry about the state of bribery and corruption that prevailed during his time. The book also contains a section about calligrapher Abdul Ghaffar Bida Khawry, who created the Busiri Mosque inscriptions in Alexandria, and the different types of calligraphy.