The BA Center for Calligraphy Studies at the 18th Arab Archaeologists Conference

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The BA Center for Calligraphy Studies organized an Arabic calligraphy exhibition, “The Creations of Youssef Ahmed and Mohamed Khalil”, as part of the 18th General Union of Arab Archaeologists Conference titled “Arab World Archaeological Studies”. The Conference was held on 14 and 15 November 2015.

The exhibition showcased over 50 various images, including documentary and archive photographs representing the life and creations of the great archaeologist and Kufi calligrapher, Youssef Ahmed (1875–1942). The displayed plaques included designs of Egyptian medals from the royal era and name plaques for senior Egyptian statesmen, in addition to various book covers of the artist’s works about archaeology and history. The exhibition also showcased a collection of works by Egyptian artist Mohamed Khalil in ceramics and Islamic architecture, such as his work on El-Tabakh Mosque in Abdeen, Cairo; Abul Abbas Mosque and Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque, Alexandria; and his various portraits of the artist Sayyed Ibrahim.

This conference sheds light on various issues concerning Arab archaeology that also touch upon the current situation in the Arab region. It also aims to strengthen the ties between Arab archaeologists and create a unified futuristic vision among archaeologists to support the leading role carried out by the General Union of Arab Archaeologists in the field of archaeological research and studies by organizing seminars, conferences, joint training courses, and two-way scientific visits.