PSC Summer Program 2016

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Planetarium Science Center (PSC) is inviting all 4–16 year old school students to join its annual summer program, starting from 22 May 2016 until 8 of September 2016. The program includes a select set of educational and scientific workshops, which are designed to attract students and make their learning experience an enjoyable one.

The program consists of a range of different scientific programs that target different age groups. The program offered for the 4–6 age group will revolve around robotics, first aid, and a trip around the world—which will teach the children about different countries through reading.

The program offered for the 6–9 age group will teach its participants about Earth, first aid, and robotics. As for the 9–12 age group program, it will include workshops on human anatomy and chemistry. The PSC offers preparatory school students two levels of the robotics program, and it also offers them an astronomy club that will include various activities revolving around astronomy, including lectures, workshops, and observations of the sky and the stars.

Each age group has its own activities schedule, which is available prior to participation on the PSC official website. Online registration through the PSC official website starts on 4 May 2016 until the maximum capacity is reached.

The PSC Summer Program will conclude with a closing ceremony, in which the participants will look back on all the fun times they spent together in group work, satisfying their passion for science.

To view the program, please click here.