BA Launches Science Clubs Initiative in 400 Schools in Alexandria

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other institutions, the BA has expanded its Science Clubs Initiative to currently cover 400 schools in Alexandria. The initiative aims to promote and support informal, scientific education in schools and to overcome the lack of interactive methods of science education.

Through the initiative, the BA has trained 1,200 teachers in the Teacher Training Program and 10 teachers in the Train the Trainers Program. Additionally, over 8,000 students have regularly participated in the science clubs activities at their schools.

The BA Science Clubs Initiative relies on offering mini workshops at schools, through which the students conduct simple and interactive activities, in order to simplify scientific theories and discoveries. It also provides the participating schools with the necessary hands-on programs, equipment and material to enable them to conduct simple scientific experiments that aim to teach students critical thinking, analysis, how to carry out a simple research project, as well as presentation skills.

A number of the initiative’s science clubs, in collaboration with the Alexandria Governorate, have participated in a project on the recycling of environmental waste in agriculture. The project took part in the BIOvision 2016 Conference. The BA has also revisited and developed the content of the Teacher Training and Train the Trainer programs, and it will launch new training content on sustainability by the beginning of the 2016/2017 academic year.