BA Announces Results of the International Competition to Design Science City

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On Monday, 29 August 2016, the BA announced the winners of the international architectural competition for architects and planners to design “Science City” in the 6th of October City. The announcement took place during a grand celebration that was organized by the BA and held at the BACC Small Theater.

Dr. Ismail Serageldin, BA Director, stated that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has praised the assignment of organizing the event to the BA, as it always aspires to disseminate scientific culture and intellectual methodology. President Al-Sisi added that architectural competitions are the perfect gateway to introduce the field to the concepts of pluralism and openness to the world. He also stated that these competitions provide the opportunity for unknown young talents to participate in major international projects.

The first prize winner, whose project will be executed, is Weston Williamson+Partners of the UK. The winning design is characterized by a sense of universality, and it can be executed in different constructional phases—it is possible to construct and start operating a part of the design without having to wait for the complete construction of the entire project.

Ngiom Partnership from Malaysia won second place, while Zaha Hadid Architects from the UK won third place and Gansam Architects & Partners Co., Ltd from South Korea came in fourth place.

Dr. Seif Allah Abu Alnaga, President of the Society of Egyptian Architects (SEA), described the BA as an “added value to Egypt”, as it disseminates culture and knowledge in the Arab Region and the world, affirming that the Ministry of Scientific Research assigned the execution of this competition to the BA because of its great capability and its competence.

He added that choosing the best design requires having a competition between individuals and companies, one that combines three key qualities: diversity, transparency, and the availability of equal opportunities. He also praised the integrity of the judgement of the competition jury, which consisted of a select group of international experts and specialists, and the diverse nationalities of the participating contestants.

Dr. Abu Alnaga further noted that the BA will organize another celebration in September for the award ceremony. The celebration will highlight the wining project as well, and it will shed light on the steps that need to be taken after the announcement of winners. He also stated that the BA will enable people from different governorates to explore the designs via the Internet.


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