Inauguration of the "Farouk Shehata: A Continuing Experience" Exhibition

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The BA Art Exhibitions and Collections Department will inaugurate an exhibition featuring artworks donated to the BA by the visual artist Farouk Shehata. The “Farouk Shehata: A Continuing Experience” Exhibition will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 26 October 2016 at 6:00 pm on the B1 level, and will showcase 100 artworks representing Farouk Shehata’s artistic career.

Farouk Shehata is one of the pioneers of printmaking. His artistic career began while he attended the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University , from which he graduated in the early 1960s. Throughout a long creative journey, he shifted from one artistic phase to another. As an eager artist exploring the various horizons of printmaking, he was marked by his abundant and distinct artworks. This long journey of innovation is reflected in his artworks, which portray the scourge of war, the beauty of nature, and the interaction and overlapping of colors and shapes.

The exhibited collection features artworks that were executed using Shehata’s various preferred printmaking techniques; they represent the different artistic phases the artist went through and how his experience and artistic character have developed throughout these phases.

Farouk Shehata’s contributions were not limited to his artworks; he dedicated extensive efforts through the years to eliminating barriers between countries through art. He also organized numerous art exhibitions, events and seminars around the world when he was a Cultural Counselor and Head of the Student Fellowship Mission to Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. This is in addition to his local and international efforts in the field of artistic and cultural exchange.


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